Abby Brown's

Candy Shoppe

Welcome to Abby Brown's Candy Shoppe.  We've been selling treats and chocolates to the people of Fort Wayne for 38 years.


If you are a new customer, welcome.  If you have a chance, stop by our store at 1415 E. State Blvd.  We'd love to meet you!

Abby Brown was Daniel's Great Aunt and began her Chocolate Shop in Anderson, IN.  When she decided to retire, she asked Daniel to take over.  Abby Brown's Sweet Shoppe opened in Fort Wayne in 1976.  It's been through a few name changes since then to reflect the changes in the store. 


Ice cream was pushed out by the chocolates, so it was Abby Brown's Chocolates.  Daniel became ill in 2009, so it was changed to Abby Brown's Candy Shoppe.  Daniel passed away in January, 2013.

We no longer make the chocolates and caramel, but we have found wonderful substitutions from companies around the country.  During the year, we use about 14 different companies for the chocolates.  All have passed the important Customer Approval Test!

As I said in the beginning, welcome!  We have the most wonderful customers in Fort Wayne and we're grateful to each and every one of you for your friendship and patronage. 
 Katie Poore

This was our building when it was first built.  The present building is shown on the right.  Below that photo is one of Stan Hitzeman and Daniel Poore when they opened Abby Brown's in 1976.             

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